Lateral thinking...

finding solutions through an indirect and creative approach,
reasoning that is not immediately obvious, 
creating ideas outside of traditional step-by-step logic.

This is the philosophy of Firefly Advertising and the backbone of our attention-grabbing advertising.

Firefly Advertising offers a fully fledged marketing and advertising service that builds capital for a sustainable business. We believe in creating beyond conventional borders, in using only excellence as a measure of success, in being passionate and committed in every task. No brand belongs in a box – neither does the creative process that puts the brand on the map.

Why be average when you can be exceptional!

Our Values...

  •  Personal and long-lasting relationships

We believe in working closely with our clients, building personal, stable and long-lasting relationships. Through making a pro-active effort to getting to know you and your business, we serve as an extension of your marketing department. 

  • Becoming the brand

We pay close attention to your customers and their needs. By delving into the heart of your brand, we can find the most efficient way to have your brand talking to your customers in a language they understand.

  • Accountability

We respect the needs and requirements of our clients and remain accountable and objective throughout the work process. We strive to deliver on time – every time. 

  • Informed

We stay abreast of the latest technical developments in the industry to ensure our products and services are delivered in the most cost- and time efficient manner. 

  • Holistic service

We follow a comprehensive approach to serve your business from conception to consumption. We capitalise on concepts in all the phases of the marketing and sales process.